Sri Maha Ganapati

The Lord of Auspicious Beginnings Sri Ganesha is lord of auspicious beginnings. We pray to Ganesha remove all your obstacles in both the inner world and the outer. He is experienced as ‘pure efficiency’, carry this idea and sit before him. You will have his Dharshan! He is known to be the Lord of Muladhara Chakra located at the based of the Spine Ganesha is the elephant-faced god of Vedic tradition. He is the son of Devi Parvati and Lord Shiva. Sri Ganesha is lord of auspicious beginnings. He is one of the most beloved deities. In his four arms he holds, the Paasa-noose, Ankusha-axe-tool, danta-tusk, modhaka-sweet. His vehicle is a rat, representing a quick and fast attitude towards our work. His large ears represent deep listening, and long truck represents deep breathing. In the school of Yoga, Muladhara chakra – the energy center in the root of the spine is the seat of Kundalini energy – the extraordinary potential energy in all human beings through awakening which human beings experience success, mystical powers, leadership qualities, health, and above all Enlightening consciousness. The personification of this Muladhara energy is Sri Ganesha. The Agamas and Tantra shastras explain Sri Ganesha to be the Lord of Muladhara chakra – the seat of Kundalini. Sri Ganesha is a spontaneous completion celebration. The joy of sincerity is his blessing, he not only symbolizes that our future won’t have obstacles, but also that it will go according to our plans. Project plans for successful results are assured by the worship of Ganesha.

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